Toskani Radiance Daily Cream


For a radiant and shiny skin


  • Provides brightening effect by eliminating superficial dead cells
  • Lessens visible signs caused by sun damage
  • Smoothes wrinkles, acne marks and scars
  • Protects against the ultraviolet rays
  • Regulates melanin synthesis Indication
  • Dull and dehydrated skin
  • Dark spots caused by sun damage and scarring
  • Photo-aged skin
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Radiance Daily Cream is a cream for daily use indicated to correct signs of photo-ageing. Prevents dehydration, loss of luminosity, flaccidity and the appearance of wrinkles and spots.
Dark spots appear as a consequence of processes that occur in different layers of the skin. To combat them, the amount of melanin in the skin must be decreased; therefore, melanin formation must be prevented, its transport reduced, and its elimination encouraged.


Radiance Daily Cream promotes the regeneration of the stratum corneum, reduces the appearance of new spots and lightens the tone of existing ones, evening the skin tone. Thanks to the fact that it promotes cell regeneration, it helps to soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. In addition, Radiance Daily Cream has a high protection factor to protect skin from the damage caused by sun exposure and, therefore, prevent the formation of new dark spots. Contains liposomal active ingredients to promote the efficacy of the product while preventing irritation caused by exposure to acids and skin-lightening active ingredients. The formula is designed to optimise the action of depigmenting active ingredients thanks to the synergistic action between them, gradually and without damaging the skin.



 Radiance Eye Contour Diminishes eye bags and dark circles, by helping drainage and microcirculation of the eye contour area and eyelids. Smooth fine lines and deeply moisturizes the most delicate part of the face.

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