Toskani Artichoke Plus


Drinkable dietary supplement with a lipolytic, diuretic and anti-cellulite action.



(20 x 5ml Ampoules)



Artichoke Plus is a drinkable dietary supplement with a purifying and draining action, indicated for combating and preventing fluid retention, fat accumulation or the sensation of swelling. Artichoke contributes to weight loss and the removal of toxins, as well as reducing cholesterol levels. Also contains Horsetail and Green Tea extracts, which act synergistically to enhance fluid drainage and mobilise accumulated fat.

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Artichoke extract has lipolytic, diuretic and antioxidant properties and is an excellent complement to the diets. It also has effects on fat deposits such as cellulite, especially when accompanied by edema. Diuretic properties of Artichoke helping to eliminate accumulated fluids and toxins, and stimulates lymphatic drainage, thanks to its activity on the kidney and urine formation.

Drinkable dietary supplement with lipolytic, diuretic and anticellulite action. Artichoke Plus is a dietary supplement with purifying and remineralising actions suitable for fighting and preventing water retention, fat build-up or bloated feelings. Artichoke aids weight loss and the removal of toxins. Suitable as an adjuvant in slimming diets, for people prone to water retention and fat build-up.

  • Indications
  • To get rid of water retention
  • To improve digestive processes
  • To aid purifying processes and soothe feelings of bloating.
  • To help reduce cholesterol levels
  • Recommended daily dose: 2 ampoules a day

Additional Information:

20 x 5ml Ampoules

Ingredients: Green tea, horsetail, artichoke, pineapple



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