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Sara Mahonaki  

January 2023

Zara Mahonaki  

January 2023

Lida beheshti 

December 2022

Lida Beheshti

November 2022


Eli is Professional, competent and an experienced beautician. I am very happy with the result of my treatment. I definitely recommend Micro Needling.

19 Aug, 2018


The lady ‘Ellie’ that looked after me was amazing. She worked her magic, was professional and lovely. This was the first facial I’ve had in a very long time and it reminded me that I should do it more often! Thank you Avana

06 Sep, 2018


Love this clinic and the staff. They are very genuine and honest when giving you consultation. Not pushy at all like most of the places to purchase a package. They give you plenty options, loads of information and time to think about it and to chose the right treatment. I’m super happy to find this clinic and pleased with my treatment with Dr Behzad and Ellie my cosmetic aesthetician who’s running the clinic and doing a great job. Highly recommend this place. Thank you AVANA.

07 Aug, 2018

Great service! As usual! Thank You Ellie!

14 Aug, 2018

Friendly and polite staff, was treated with respect and made me feel very comfortable during my visit which I think is very important for any client to feel comfortable.

19 Aug, 2018


I had very good treatment at Avana clinic for injection with Elie & Dr Behzad, I love the results and would go back again if needed. I absolutely recommend them. They offer many different treatments, I already began a course of exfoliate treatment and happy to have my session each time

06 Sep, 2018


I recently had a consultation and Plasma Fibroblast treatment on lower eye bags. Excellent service, Ellie is very knowledgeable about the treatment. Looks after you throughout the whole process from consultation through treatment, on call for any problems. Very relaxed atmosphere, clean and great service. Im going back for eye lid treatment. Would definately recommend the clinic to all my friends.

30 Aug, 2018

I took my Mum for a (free) consultation at Avana clinic. We had a fantastic experience and regret not going there sooner. This place was different to all the other places: excellent range of treatments with top quality products and value for money. The specialist lady (Elli) was the deal_maker herself. She is welcoming, warm, friendly, stylish yet professional, experienced and honest about the effectiveness of the treatments she is offering. In addition, unlike most places we have been, she is very down to earth and really listens to you to understand your needs and gives you the best advice for the areas of concern. My Mum felt very comfortable. The value for money is great_if you are to have the same treatments with the same quality products at Harley Street, you will most definitely pay double the amount. We’re very pleased. P.s. if you purchase more than 1 package, Elli will give you a good deal too.

Cannot recommend it enough.Ellie is a beautiful person inside and out,very professional. If you haven’t been yet, then go there. You wont be disappointed.

It was the best experience I’ve ever had, azi you are fantastic. I have never met a makeup artist who got it done so amazingly and so quickly, you made me feel like a true bride, I recommend you to everyone you’re truly amazing.

Great wax, not painful at all – very gentle

Very happy, Ellie listened to what I wanted and was understanding. I don’t get massages often so can’t compare to other services but the Deep Tissue massage got some problem areas and got the knots out. Will come back again.

Loved my Microdermbrasion. Will definitely be returning. Great customer service. Knowledgeable and efficient.

Highly recommend. amazing and informative

Excellent customer service and treatment. Will be back soon and highly recommend it.

Amazing. I visit amazing Avana Clinic for second time and feeling fabulous,and have recommended this Clinic to numerous people and friends.Eli is professional and you do not need to think about anything else just go there enjoy and be relax.

Excellent service and a great customer service. Highly recommend it.

I had my first treatment in Avana Clinic with dear Eli. I was treated extremely well,she was very thorough in explainig my options and made some great alternative recommendations based on my specific needs.she did a wonderful job with my treatment.see you soon lovely Eli.Xxx

Staff was very friendly and made the experience incredibly comfortable; my makeup and hair was very nice and was definitely worth the money. I would happily come by again!


Had my 5th Meso-Peel treatment session at Avana Clinic. My skin has improved significantly and im extremely happy with the result. Thanks Avana

Imran Riaz 

Overall happy with the treatment chosen for me just can’t wait to see results.

11 Dec, 2017

Tereza Mala  

Absolutely fantastic, so relaxing and I fell asleep during my regular massage treatment.

11 Sep, 2017


Very happy with service. Feel much better and amazing after the sports massage. Where there were sore points Ellie released the spasms by applying the right pressure. Highly recommended and will come back again.

30 Sep, 2017

Akram Sarmadi 

I saw Ellie on Thursday and I really admire and appreciate the high quality services she provides, and the knowledge and passion she shares through her work. She is honest and friendly, kind and easy to share thoughts with. Thanks

24 May, 2017

Yoko Sugaya  

Excellent experience was given to me. Her massage technique was amazing.

05 Jun, 2017

Ladan Mirbaghi

It was wonderful, the treatment was great. Anyone who likes to be treated first class they should visit Avana Clinic.

01 Jun, 2017

Claudia Mouge  

Visiting Avana Clinic for almost a year for my sever acne condition. Had the best consultation and treatment plan with my highly knowledgeable and experienced aesthetician. Since then my skin condition improved significantly, Thank you Avana for helping me to gain back my confidence. Highly recommend this amazing clinic and the team of aestheticians and doctors.

19 Jun, 2017

Sousana Samuel

Excellent and relaxing treatment. Friendly team and beautiful and hygiene place. Highly recommend it and will be back soon. Thank you Avana.

25 Jun, 2017

Teresa Gillan

Highly recommend this clinic. Enjoyed every second of my treatment with my highly experienced aesthetician. Thank you

20 Jun, 2017


My facial was done by Ellie, who was friendly and attentive. She gave me a lot of advice and recommendations on how to treat my skin. It was a very relaxing and genuine treatment session, without sales pitches and bombarding/persuading of purchasing products! She also gave me confidence about my skin, and that clear skin was achievable. I would definitely recommend.

05 Jun, 2017

Shanta Nazme 

Excellent service, very friendly and professional team. Highly recommend it and will come back again for the treatment packages I purchased. Thanks

13 Jun, 2017

Afsaneh Saghari

Can not do any better.

04 Jul, 2017

Evlin Graham  

Excellent service, friendly team and lovely clinic. Highly recommend it.

10 Jul, 2017


I love this clinic every time I visit them. Professional team, caring and very friendly. Highly recommend it.

24 Jul, 2017

Joanna Brook

Thank you for the best treatment. Highly recommend this place. My aesthetician is very professional, knowledgeable, honest and genuine. She’s very caring towards her clients and the way they feel at clinic. Feeling extremely relaxed every time I’m visiting Avana Clinic. Thank you Avana.

02 Jul, 2017


Friendly staff clean happy with the outcome for the treatment

07 Jul, 2017

Alma Desouza 

Very happy with my treatment at Avana Clinic. Friendly and professional team.

09 Jul, 2017

Seeba Dario 

Highly recommend this place. Enjoyed my treatment, had an excellent result. Very professional and friendly.

10 Jul, 2017


Highly recommend this place. Thank you.

18 Jul, 2017

Farah Douglas  

Enjoying my treatment every time I am visiting Avana clinic. Highly recommend it.

26 Jul, 2017


Professional team, excellent service. Had a lovely treatment at Avana Cosmetic & Beauty Clinic and highly recommended. Will visit you soon.

18 Jul, 2017

Nathan Smith  

Amazing treatment, really happy with the service received! Would definitely recommend!

Serah Carter  

I had the best treatment at Avana Clinic, my aesthetician was very friendly and professional, very informative. Happy with the result.

18 Jul, 2017


Very welcoming and friendly team. My beautician Mahnaz was amazing and very experienced. Definitely will visit her again. Thank you AVANA Clinic.


Massage technique was so excellent and staff was very kind and helpful to feel relax.

05 Mar, 2017


Highly recommend it.


Very happy with my treatments at Avana Clinic. Defenitely will visit again.


I can’t say no more as everything always is first class and no 1. Specially Ellie as she always cares and give the best advise to her clients. Thank you so much to bring my confidence back. 

12 Mar, 2017


I saw Ellie on Thursday and I really admire and appreciate the high quality services she provides, and the knowledge and passion she shares through her work. She is honest and friendly, kind and easy to share thoughts with.

12 Mar, 2017

Yoko Sugaya  

Excellent experience was given to me. Her technique was amazing.

15 Mar, 2017


The Salon was beautiful and the staff were very welcoming and caring staff. It was just what I wanted, felt so relaxed after my massage!!

05 Mar, 2017

Irene Sanchez  

Ellie is so supportive, nice, helpful and a professional technecian in her own field of work. I love the way she works and the time she takes with clients. This is why result on me are 100% satisfactory. I’ve no doubt I will contact her again and recommend her to friends.

21 Nov, 2016

Zara Iqbal 

Very pleased with my session, my skin feels refreshed and mind relaxed. A lovely and friendly clinic, I would definitely recommend to anyone. Will definitely be visiting again.

25 Jul, 2015


Amazing work in an immaculate environment. Highly experienced staff with great knowledge of cosmetic and beauty therapy, would definitely recommend to friends and family.

23 Apr, 2015

‪Elly Esfahani  

As you walk into Avana Clinic you instantly feel up lifted and as you walk out you feel energised and totally a new person. One of the best in the country with the most professional beauty therapists. Highly recommend it.

01 Jun, 2015


I am so pleased to get this lovely treatment. It’s amazing. Thanks Avana, you made my life more beautiful.

30 Apr, 2015

Thank you for a nice experience. Atmosphere was warm and friendly.

28 Jun, 2015

Good and helpful beautician.

04 Jul, 2015

Josephine Platt 

Really amazing therapist, very knowledgeable and professional. For the first time, skin isn’t bruised and red following the treatment, looks great. So pleased. Thanks so much.

27 Jul, 2015

Anita Solomon  

I took a day off for this and it was worth it. Amazing services and I will surly come back.

27 Jul, 2015


Amazing Microdermabrasion with Ellie. She has amazing hands! A relaxed atmosphere puts me to sleep. I would highly recommend this facial. Ellie is such a lovely person and makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.  

27 Jul, 2015

Zara Mahonaki  

Amazing and so relaxing. I really enjoy every second of it and even though I have only had 3 sessions so far, I can already see how different and better my skin feels and looks. 

29 Jul, 2015

Hannah Brndon  

I thoroughly enjoyed my hot & cold stone massage. I was completely relaxed and it didn’t feel rushed at any stage. Thank you so much. Iwill definitely be back.

17 Aug, 2015

Amazing and so relaxing. I really enjoyed every second of my treatment with Ellie, and even though I have had only 3 sessions so far, I cam already see how different and better my skin feels and looks. Really love it!

29 Jul, 2015

Giulia Carna  

My therapist was so  nice, educated, professional and lovely. I will definitely continue my treatments with Ellie. Thank you.

08 Aug, 2015


Can’t complain about anything. Very good value for money. I’ve had a massage from Ellie. She did an outstanding job. Can’t thank her enough. Really knows what she’s doing,she is very informative and offers a professional services and very friendly too! Thank you Ellie, you have a magic hands!

15 Aug, 2015

Lidya Mckay  

Definitely recommend. Feel like a new women!

25 Aug, 2015

Mary Cremin  

Sooooo relaxing! Highly recommended.

09 Sep, 2015

Ladan Mirbagheri  

Since I joined Avana Clinic I’ve got very good result from my IPL hair removal treatment and Infrared Light Therapy and massage for my chronic neck and shoulder pain. Thank you Ellie. 

10 Sep, 2015

Mary Cremin  

Very kind and welcoming staff, super professional and talented beautician and technecian, excellent service. Definitely worth it! Definitely suggest! Definitely will use them services again!

07 Sep, 2015

Ewa Rudz  

Amazing and relaxing time and professional services at Avana Clinic. Thank you.

28 Sep, 2015


Ellie has been amazing, I would highly recommend her. She is really attentive and great at explaining the whole process. Thank you!

03 Feb, 2016


Very satisfied with my IPL result, My aesthetician, Ellie is amazing. Highly recommended.

18 Jun, 2016

Chloe Smith 

I have been very, very pleased with the service I have received from Avana Cosmetic Clinic. The aestheticians were very helpful and friendly and made this a very pain free experience. I had a great result after my chemical peel treatment course and would throughly recommend their professional service.

03 Jun, 2016


I met Ellie lovely lady and wanted to do fibroblast but she was truthful with me and explain me kindly that it was working on fine line and my smiling lines were to strong for it She could have take my money but no she was very honest and kind… Thanks Ellie I appreciate

2 September 2022


The lady is so lovely and knowledgeable. Have had microdebrasison from her in the past and have to say I much preferred that to this one. I cannot see any difference in my skin but she did say a few would be needed to see it.

20 July 2022


Lovely facial, let my skin glowing and hydrated.

22 Feb 2022


I had a glycolic acid peel – it was very relaxing and my skin feels great.

8 Feb 2022


Love the place and the service. Ellie is wonderful and will make you feel very comfortable and relaxed. Will definitely visit again.

27 January 2022


Amazing experience with perfect client care and knowledge. Definitely will return. Thanks

13 January 2022


Ellie was amazing! She was attentive and told me about skin routines and recommended serums and creams to wear. It was a lovely experience, would highly recommend.

26 November 2021


I went for the facial. Ellie was amazing and very professional. Loved it!

10 November 2021


Very professional and experienced Ellie.

2 September 2021

Stephanie Ryan

Went this afternoon & had a facial. Ellie was amazing. So informative about my skin care. Best facial I ever had. Can thoroughly recommend Ellie at Avana. Thank you I will be visiting again
December 2022

Chey Ray 

What a nice woman who did my treatment. My skin felt and looked great when I left. I wanted to do another treatment, but I was told its very expensive and my skin doesn’t need it. Its refreshing to meet someone so honest especially when you’re willing to pay for an expensive treatment. As you may have guessed from my review I will be back.

January 2022

Angela Pires 

I had visited last week and it’s my first time at Avana..I’m so impressed, Ellie was amazing and lovely!!She’s so warm and helpful,I feel so relaxed and pampered.In addition I feel like I had gone for a beauty course coz I learned a lot from her.Can’t recommend enough.

December 2022

Farhad Jorbozeh 

Experience and knowledge are some of the main attributes you’d find at Avana Clinic. Our experiences always have been great with different cosmetic treatments. The atmosphere is fantastic and very relaxing. Staff are very experienced and friendly. Highly recommended to anyone whose after rejuvenation and relaxation.

January 2021

Gianmarco Caputo 

I went to Avana Cosmetic for the first time around 3 years ago, and since then I found myself going back for everything skin-related. I visited the clinic for multiple treatments, including peeling, micro-needling, masks, and fibroblast; every single time I’ve received the most professional, friendly and overall positive service. The aesthetician, Ellie, has always gone the extra mile to make sure I was comfortable – and answered any question I had about the treatments. Highly recommended!

January 2021

Zahra Mahonaki 

I had a hair removal treatment here and it was incredible! The treatment was exactly as discussed during consultation. She was super friendly, explained everything to me very honest and ran me through the whole process. I’m super happy with the service and I will definitely be going here for different treatments as I’m so so happy with the experience.

January 2021

Sonja Monika 

It was an excellent session and I cannot wait for my next appointment! I absolutely loved the knowledge and how caring the therapist was. Very relaxing space – I actually came in with a headache and went out refreshed and pampered! Also, I truly appreciate the advice I was given – I used my current beauty products in the wrong so I was informed what routine to introduce to my daily beauty regime! Thank you very much.

January 2020

Lauren Burton 

I had a plasma eye lift treatment at Avana, and upon arrival Ellie made me feel at ease straight away. Would highly recommend!

January 2022

Mahnaz Gonabadi 

One of the best beauty salon in West London. Ellie was super friendly and helpful. She is very skilled and knowledgeable. I highly recommend this place for everything.

January 2020

Lida Beheshti 

I had an amazing experience with Avana clinic the products she used were amazing and I’m very happy with the results. The clinic was very clean and they look like professional.

January 2021

Siobhan Elias 

Ellie is truly fantastic. Loved my facial and absolutely no pressure for any more, in fact , she advised which facials not to waste my money on!

January 2020

Sope Adekola 

I have to agree with what everyone has said. Ellie was amazing, friendly and knowledgeable. Already looking forward to my next appointment!!

January 2020

Tania Atyabi 

Very friendly and welcoming beauticians with high quality treatments – highly recommend to anyone!
January 2021

S A 

The lady was very nice and extremely professional.
January 2020

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